La revista Alemana PULSE MAGAZINE, promovida por Busch-Jaeger y ABB, en su número 02 del año 2015 propone una sección dedicada a alojamientos, denominada "Travel, destinations of the future". En esta sección se dedica una página al proyecto ganador del segundo premio en el concurso INSPIRATION HOTEL 2014.

Young Spanish architect Javier Ignacio Martínez García chose the highly spectacular setting of the Tianzi Mountains in the Chinese province Hunan as the location for his design for an extraordinary hotel for artists. “Inspiration is in the air” was the working title of the entry for the “Inspiration Hotel 2014” competition and can be taken literally here. The proposal is for a hotel that is a place of contemplation: a ring-shaped timber structure set just below the forested summit of one of the strangely shaped rock columns which tower up from the deep mountain valley into the low-lying clouds. A cable railway brings guests in search of tranquillity and inspiration to this remote location. Only a narrow corridor between the units that expands to form niches with unique views separates the two-storey studios from the rock face. On the flattened side of the otherwise rounded peak the remaining segment forms a small space in front of the communal rooms. In addition to the panoramic views from the studios and balconies, the architect created a special space for quiet contemplation. A trapezoidal niche in the stone provides a view out of the solid rocks of the surrounding peaks and clouds while through an artificial crevice light falls from above onto the person seeking peace. This combination of monastic atmosphere in the Buddhist tradition, modern architectural language and a structure that pushes the boundaries of what is possible make this hotel a dream destination.

Dr. Klaus Englert